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Flavor Science
 About Us 
Deborah D. Roberts, Ph.D., is the owner and principal consultant. 
She spent over 20 years studying the chemistry of food’s aroma, taste, and smell, both with academia and consumer packaged goods companies.
Cornell University
  • Ph.D. (1995) and M.S. (1993) in Food Chemistry
  • Research in Flavor Chemistry with Professor Terry Acree
  • Minors in Organic Chemistry and Psychology
  • GPA 3.9 / 4.0
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship
Purdue University
  • B.S. Honors Food Science (1991) – GPA 5.8 / 6.0
  • Outstanding Senior in School of Agriculture
Professional Involvement 
  • Has a total of 30 scientific publications 
  • Co-edited “Flavor Release” in 2000 and “Flavor Perception” in 2004, which were both developed from symposiums she co-organized at the annual American Chemical Society
  • An invited or contributed speaker at 26 international food science or flavor chemistry conferences
Work Experience 

University Research

  • M.S. Thesis, Isolation and Identification of Flavor Precursors in Apples
  • American Chemical Society first place award for graduate research from the division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
  • Ph.D. Dissertation, Flavor Release Analysis using a Retronasal Aroma Simulator (USDA National Research Initiatives Grant), excerpts can be found in these 3 journal articles:

Food Industry

  • Nestlé Research Center in Lausanne, Switzerland
    • 7 years as a research flavor chemist, project leader, and flavor platform leader
    • Became fluent in French 
    • Functioned as a flavor expert on many different food products
    • Performed applied research in flavor release   
Food and Flavor Science Consulting LLC
  • Since founding a consulting business in 2003, she has consulted for several major food and flavor companies

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